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Artwork by Santana Star

Each image may be purchased as a canvas print, framed print, metal print, and more! Every purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

About Santana Star

Santana Star Santana was born in Glasgow Scotland and grew up in Nova Scotia near woods and lakes. She now lives in Aptos California and works from her home studio. From early childhood Santana loved making art. Finger painting was a great joy. She loved digging clay from the garden and making coil pots with her sister Eve Llyndorah, a Canadian artist, goldsmith, potter, and painter.

One of her ancestors, Lily McDougall (1875- 1958), was an artist, who worked in watercolors and oils. She studied in Antwerp and Paris and was the first woman to be admitted into the Scottish Guild of Painters.

In the summer of 1969 Santana moved to Prince Edward Island, where the path of art began to open up when she met the British Canadian artist Hilda Woolnough. Hilda was a graduate of Chelsea School of Art in London. She became Santana's friend and mentor. With Hilda, Santana studied life drawing and painting. She also studied Art History at UPEI. Then she did a foundation course at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, plus ceramics.

At art school Santana had a job as the slide librarian and saw a lot of art. She loved magic realism and impressionism, the painters Monet, Matisse, Cezanne and especially Henri Rousseau, as well as the sculptor Auguste Rodin. At present her favorite painter is the mystical painter Nicholas Roerich.

When Santana turned 21 she was given a ticket to London and continued art classes, mainly focusing on ceramics. At Well Walk Pottery Hampstead, she learned to throw pots and at Camden Arts Center she continued with pottery. While in London she visited some of the famous galleries.
She also studied meditation, homeopathy, reflexology, massage and aromatherapy, and has worked for many years as an aroma-massage therapist. Santana lived more than 20 years in England, where she married and raised a family of four children. Her oldest daughter, Iona, has a BFA from Chelsea School of Art in London.

In 1996 Santana came to California and continued her art studies in Santa Cruz. She studied mandala painting with Michele Faia and was also in a painting circle with local artists, Majio and Sue Heinz. She also did a class in New Mexico with Majio near the home of Georgia O'Keefe. Santana then studied water color with Marsha Strong Smith. She began studying with a local artist Dawn Maclaughlin about 7 years ago; drawing, water color and Acrylic painting. Right now Santana's main focus is painting with Acrylics.

Santana has always loved beauty, especially the beauty of nature, which is a great inspiration for her painting. She loves color and feels the magical, mystical quality of nature and expresses this in her paintings. She has traveled to tropical exotic places, where nature is rampant and colors are vibrant, and this comes through in her bold colors and shapes. One of her favorite styles of painting is magic realism. This kind of painting evokes a very special quality of stillness and serenity, which can be experienced out in nature.

Santana aspires to make her paintings beautiful, full of color and light. Her goal is to capture a moment in nature and in time, and paint it on the canvas so others feel the energy of the place in the expression of the painting. She loves to paint, the feel of the brush in her hand and the flow of color on to the paper or canvas. Painting is a meditation for her.

Santana lives in a beautiful place with her husband and three cats, with deer running through her garden. She loves to grow things and watch things grow. She loves children and now has four grand children. When she is not painting she is at the beach, hiking, gardening, dancing or reading.

Santana paints landscapes, seascapes and still lifes, especially flowers. She also does mystical paintings with a vision or concept in mind. Along time ago she realized art is about seeing. The artist sees what others don't see and expresses it in their art, so others begin to see things differently and experience inspiration and joy from the art.

Artist's Statement

I love the beauty of nature!!! I especially like hiking in nature, in the mountains, forests and beaches!!! When I am out hiking around I take photos of places that inspire me. Then in my studio I start painting from the photos, but a mysterious thing happens. The painting takes on a life and will of its own. The colors of nature become enhanced and the original photo is lost in the beauty of the painting. The most important elements in any scene are the elements that give it visual interest, the contrast between the lights and darks, the rough and smooth textures, the large and small shapes and forms. My work has bold, vibrant colors and shapes, which capture a moment of serenity and stillness.

Nature inspires me to paint its beauty. I have evolved a technique that has layers of paint and layers of meaning. I enjoy painting places I've been in nature. Sometimes I paint from a concept or poetic words that inspire me. My use of color is unique, and my overlay of textures and shapes convey the feeling of the place which inspired me to paint, its beauty and spirit.

The mystical painter Nickolas Roerich has inspired me. He trekked in the Himalayas and Tibet in the 1920's and painted wonderful paintings of the mountains. His work has dynamism, serenity, stillness, and is beautiful and uplifting.

I know a painting has succeeded when the images, shapes and colors flow beautifully and others appreciate its beauty. My intention is to paint beauty. I want my paintings to have a positive, uplifting affect on all who see them.